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Wed Jul 27 2022

Localising a modularised application

7 minute read

A few tips that work for me when I need to localise a modular application.

Tue Jul 05 2022

Code generation using Swift Package Plugins

7 minute read

How to build a Swift Package Plugin to automatically generate unit tests from input Swift files.

Thu Jun 02 2022

My first contribution to Fastlane

5 minute read

A short article on the recent contribution I made to Fastlane's open source project.

Sat May 14 2022

Scripting in Swift: Git Hooks

8 minute read

Using Swift as to write a commit-msg git hook so that adding ticket numbers to a commit message can be automated.

Sat May 07 2022

Binary targets in modern Swift packages

10 minute read

All you need to know about adding binaries in Swift Packages in 2022.