Pol Piella Abadia

Senior software engineer at the BBC

Hi, welcome to my blog! I am Pol, a senior iOS developer working in the iPlayer app by the BBC. I love sharing content and writing about all things mobile development and Swift.

Making macOS SwiftUI text views editable on click

How to build a custom SwiftUI Text view which only becomes editable on click.

GitHub webhooks 🤝 Xcode Cloud

How to use GitHub webhooks to trigger Xcode Cloud builds by writing a comment on a pull request.

How to make an interactive picker for a Swift command-line tool

Learn how to make use of ANSI escape sequences to make delightful interactive pickers for your Swift command-line tools.

Managing multiple Xcode versions on CI using Fastlane

All you need to know about how to set the version of Xcode to use on CI using Fastlane.

Coming in Swift 5.9: Network requests in Swift package plugins

A deep dive into a new feature coming to Swift Package Manager in Swift 5.9: the ability to make network requests from Swift package plugins.

Safely pinning SPM dependencies to exact versions

I will show you how code might change across different builds even when depending on an exact version of a Swift Package as well as how to mitigate the risks associated with this.

Using App Store Connect API to trigger Xcode Cloud workflows

Learn how to trigger Xcode Cloud workflow runs using the App Store Connect API.

Changing orientation for a single screen in SwiftUI

A summary of how you can change the orientation of a single SwiftUI view in your app and why it is a very difficult challenge to solve.

Scheduling tweets with GitHub Actions and Swift

Using Swift as to write a commit-msg git hook so that adding ticket numbers to a commit message can be automated.

Making a serverless Swift function with Fastly and Upstash

Making a URL shortener serverless edge function using Fastly and Upstash.