Pol Piella Abadia

Senior software engineer at the BBC

Hi, welcome to my blog! I am Pol, a senior iOS developer working in the iPlayer app by the BBC. I love sharing content and writing about all things mobile development and Swift.

Fastlane and App Store Connect API keys

An up to date guide on how to use an App Store Connect API key with Fastlane and GitHub Actions.

Xcode Cloud scripts: Fastlane and Cocoapods

Learning how to install and use third-party tools in Xcode Cloud through ci scripts.

Looking back at my 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, I take a look at what I have done this year and set goals for 2023.

Managing multiple versions of Swift locally

A guide on how to download, install and manage different versions of Swift.

Configuring UI tests with launch arguments

Launch arguments provide a way to configure the behaviour of an app before running UI tests

Swift async/await in AWS lambdas

Exploring the new Swift AWS lambda runtime API and how it enables the use of async/await.

Collecting GitHub Action workflow metrics using Swift

Creating a command line tool using Swift and async/await to collect metrics on GitHub Action workflows.

Testing your release pipeline using Fastlane

Some processes, such as a release pipeline, are very important but do not get run frequently. In this article, I go through how scheduled CI runs can help you spot failures early and gain confidence in your important and infrequent processes, such as release pipelines.

A menu bar only macOS app using AppKit

How to setup a menu bar only macOS app using AppKit.

Platform specific code in Swift Packages

A set of examples showing how useful compiler directives can become when building cross-platform Swift programs.