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Tue Mar 15 2022

Building layouts with accessibility in mind - Part 1

8 minute read

Exploring the power of `UIStackView` and layout guides to lay out a view with accessibility in mind.

Sat Feb 12 2022

Embedding a dylib in a Swift Package

8 minute read

An article on how to embed and ship a dynamic library in a Swift package.

Sat Jan 22 2022

An early look at Swift extensible build tools

10 minute read

Trying out the Swift Package Manager's brand new extensible build tool by using the Swift 5.6 development snapshot.

Sun Jan 16 2022

Asserting errors from throwing functions

4 minute read

Looking at how to use expecations and XCTAssertThrowsError to assert specific errors are being thrown in Swift.

Wed Dec 22 2021

Why I wrote my personal blog site

8 minute read

A little note on why I decided to write and host all my blogs in my own personal blog website.

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