Hi, I'm Pol 👋

A bit about me

I'm a passionate iOS developer with over 4 years of experience in the industry. I worked in apps with millions of monthly users as well as in agile, cross-discipline software development teams. I do also like getting involved with the iOS community by giving talks and writing articles in my blog.

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Where have I worked?

Here are some companies I have worked for!

  • BBC iPlayer Logo

    Senior iOS Developer

    BBC iPlayer

    As a senior engineer I took more of a leading role in the architecture and drive of new features. I also started mentoring an engineer from a different team and got involved in leading a cross-product guild aimed at exploring how we could more effectively use SwiftUI across our products.

  • BBC iPlayer Logo

    iOS Developer

    BBC iPlayer

    Worked in a team of iOS engineers focused on maintaining and developing new features for the iPlayer app, consumed by millions of monthly users in the UK. During my time here, I have worked in multiple modularisation projects and effectively dealing with legacy Objective-C code, as well as doing a lot of work to improve the CI systems and being part of the cross-product CI guild.

  • Student Beans Logo

    iOS Developer

    Student Beans

    Worked on a very fast-paced environment releasing new features and refactoring legacy code to bring it up to speed with our coding standards. I lead projects such as implementing a fully-fledged A/B testing and remote config system in our iOS client as welll as improving our CI pull requests pipelines to automate processes such as linting, inline warnings, etc.

  • Music Tribe Logo

    iOS Developer

    Music Tribe

    Worked on developing companion apps for music technology products such as mixing desks and audio interfaces. As well as developing a native iOS application using Swift, I worked on a React-based login flow that run within a Chromium embedded browser in a mixing console.

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