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I'm Pol, a content creator and iOS developer. In this blog I write about all things iOS, Swift and software development best practices. I also have a newsletter about iOS CI/CD if you want to subscribe 👇

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Getting started with Swift Testing

All you need to know about Apple's macro-based testing library available from Xcode 16 and the Swift 6 Toolchain.

How to create a SwiftUI floating window in macOS 15

Leverage the power of the new SwiftUI APIs in macOS 15 to create a movable and resizable floating window that stays on top of every other window

Removing components from a Date in Swift

Learn how you can use the Calendar and DateComponents APIs to remove specific information like hours or minutes from a Date in Swift.

How to build segmented circular progress views in SwiftUI with Swift Charts

How to leverage the power of the Swift Charts library to build circular progress views in SwiftUI.

Building a Swift package using the Swift 6 language mode

How to download and install a development version of the Swift 6 compiler and enable the Swift 6 language mode when building your Swift package.

How to profile your app's performance and Main Thread usage with Instruments and os_signposts

Learn how to use Instruments to understand the root cause of app hangs and high Main Thread usage and identify areas where you can optimize your app's performance.


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