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I'm Pol, a content creator and iOS developer. In this blog I write about all things iOS, Swift and software development best practices. I also have a newsletter about iOS CI/CD if you want to subscribe 👇

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How to use recursive functions in Swift

Why, how and when to use functions that call themselves in Swift.

Check if your app has a newer version on the App Store using Swift

How to notify your users that a new version of your app is available on the App Store directly from your app.

Show and hide SwiftUI inspectors with an identifiable item

Learn how to create a custom view modifier to overcome the API limitations of SwiftUI inspectors and that allows you to show and hide SwiftUI inspectors with an identifiable item.

Free, on-device translations with the Swift Translation API

During WWDC24, Apple announced the Swift Translation API, a new framework that allows you to perform on-device translations in your Swift apps entirely for free. In this post, we'll take a look at all the different ways you can use the new API to translate text between languages in your apps.

Getting started with Swift Testing

All you need to know about Apple's macro-based testing library available from Xcode 16 and the Swift 6 Toolchain.

How to create a SwiftUI floating window in macOS 15

Leverage the power of the new SwiftUI APIs in macOS 15 to create a movable and resizable floating window that stays on top of every other window


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