Pol Piella Abadia

Senior software engineer at the BBC

Hi, welcome to my blog! I am Pol, a senior iOS developer working in the iPlayer app by the BBC. I love sharing content and writing about all things mobile development and Swift.

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Wed Feb 01 2023

Changing orientation for a single screen in SwiftUI

A summary of how you can change the orientation of a single SwiftUI view in your app and why it is a very difficult challenge to solve.

Wed Jan 25 2023

Scheduling tweets with Github Actions and Swift

Using Swift as to write a commit-msg git hook so that adding ticket numbers to a commit message can be automated.

Wed Jan 18 2023

Making a serverless Swift function with Fastly and Upstash

Making a URL shortener serverless edge function using Fastly and Upstash.

Wed Jan 11 2023

Fastlane and App Store Connect API keys

An up to date guide on how to use an App Store Connect API key with Fastlane and Github Actions.

Wed Jan 04 2023

Xcode Cloud scripts: Fastlane and Cocoapods

Learning how to install and use third-party tools in Xcode Cloud through ci scripts.