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Tue Sep 27 2022

Handling multiple git SSH keys

4 minute read

A whistle stop tour through my git configuration, showing how to effectively deal with two different git users and SSH keys.

Wed Aug 31 2022

Sourcery Swift Package command plugin

11 minute read

Building a command plugin to execute Sourcery from scratch and explaining the challenges faced while doing so.

Wed Aug 17 2022

My new Swift Package: ReadingTime

5 minute read

In this article I briefly introduce my new open source Swift Package called ReadingTime. It allows clients to get an estimate reading time from markdown text.

Thu Aug 11 2022

From NSRegularExpression to SwiftRegex

9 minute read

An example of the new SwiftRegex API by refactoring code using NSRegularExpression using the new RegexBuilder framework.

Wed Aug 03 2022

Advances in Swift Package Manager's dependency access control

5 minute read

Taking a look at the latest Swift 5.7 development snapshot to try the new explicit-target-dependency-import-check flag, which provides improvements to the dependency system within SPM.