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Building a Swift package using the Swift 6 language mode

How to download and install a development version of the Swift 6 compiler and enable the Swift 6 language mode when building your Swift package.

How to profile your app's performance and Main Thread usage with Instruments and os_signposts

Learn how to use Instruments to understand the root cause of app hangs and high Main Thread usage and identify areas where you can optimize your app's performance.

Safely unwrap optional values in SwiftUI bindings

How to use one of SwiftUI's Binding's initializers to safely unwrap its optional value.

Creating an App Store Connect-like picker for macOS with SwiftUI

Learn how to use SwiftUI components such as Menus and Buttons and modifiers like onHover and overlay to create a picker component for macOS similar to the beta group picker in App Store Connect's TestFlight.

Swift 6: Access level on import statements

How to get ready for Swift 6's new import access level feature and make sure that you are not caught by surprise by the breaking changes that come with it.

Use Swift to recursively search for content in a directory's files with Glob patterns and Regular Expressions

How to find content specified by a Regular Expression in a directory's set of files defined by a Glob pattern using Swift.


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