Learn all about GitHub Actions with these posts

Automate your workflow from idea to production using GitHub's CI/CD platform.

Multi-platform Swift Package releases with GitHub Actions

How to automatically create and release a multi-platform Swift Package library with GitHub Actions whenever you push a new tag.

Building and testing Swift packages on Windows using GitHub Actions

Learn how to use the gha-setup-swift action to setup a CI/CD pipeline to build and test your Swift package on Windows using GitHub Actions.

Swift on Linux CI/CD using swiftly

Learn how to use a new open-source framework by the Swift Server Workgroup to install Swift on Linux and use it to set up a CI/CD pipeline for your Swift packages.

Automatic deployment of Swift AWS lambdas on CI/CD

How to use GitHub Actions and the AWS CLI to automatically update the code for a Swift AWS lambda on every push to main.

GitHub Actions workflows side effects

How to use webhook logic in GitHub Actions to trigger workflows based on other workflows completion

Automating Swift command line tool releases with GitHub Actions

How I use GitHub Actions to automate the release of my Swift command line tools.

Scheduling tweets with GitHub Actions and Swift

Using Swift as to write a commit-msg git hook so that adding ticket numbers to a commit message can be automated.

Collecting GitHub Action workflow metrics using Swift

Creating a command line tool using Swift and async/await to collect metrics on GitHub Action workflows.

Testing your release pipeline using Fastlane

Some processes, such as a release pipeline, are very important but do not get run frequently. In this article, I go through how scheduled CI runs can help you spot failures early and gain confidence in your important and infrequent processes, such as release pipelines.

Cancelling unnecessary GitHub actions automatically

How to make use of the github actions concurrency feature to cancel unnecessary runs automatically. Talking about a real-world example and a tale of two approaches, and why I decided to implement it the way I did.

How I use GitHub Actions to update my GitHub profile

In this post, I will talk through how you can add dynamic data to your profile README.md by scheduling jobs using a GitHub Action.