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In this blog I talk about all things Apple and Swift development but my main area of focus is on tooling and automation.

MusicKit and App Clips

A real-world example of the limitations of App Clips using MusicKit as an example, and how to work around them.

How to create an App Clip for your app

Learn how to create an App Clip for your app and how to generate codes you can share with your users to launch said App Clip.

Swift on Linux CI/CD using swiftly

Learn how to use a new open-source framework by the Swift Server Workgroup to install Swift on Linux and use it to set up a CI/CD pipeline for your Swift packages.

Xcode 15: Automated accessibility audits

Spot accessibility issues in your app automatically with Xcode 15 both locally and on your CI/CD pipeline.

Named capture groups in Swift regular expressions

How to set and retrieve named capture groups in Swift regular expressions using SwiftRegex and NSRegularExpression.

Building a searchable map with SwiftUI and MapKit

A practical example of how to use the new MapKit APIs in iOS 17 to build a searchable map with SwiftUI.

Delightful SwiftUI image drag & drop for a macOS app

How to easily implement image drag & drop with beautiful animations in a SwiftUI app

Scheduled Swift AWS lambdas

How to use CloudWatch events to automatically run Swift AWS lambdas on a schedule.

How to show the app icon and version in a SwiftUI view

Learn how to create an accessible SwiftUI view for your iOS apps that displays the app icon and version side by side.

Load custom fonts into your app using Swift Package Plugins

How to make use of Swift Packages, plugins and code generation to automate the process of loading custom fonts into your app.

Configuring SwiftData in a SwiftUI app

Learn how SwiftData works and how you can configure and utilize the framework in a SwiftUI application to query and manipulate data in a delarative manner.

Understanding mergeable libraries

An initial deep dive into what mergeable libraries are and how they can be configured in Xcode.