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In this blog I talk about all things Apple and Swift development but my main area of focus is on tooling and automation.

Custom Core Data migrations

A step-by-step guide on how to perform complex Core Data migrations using mapping models and custom migration policies.

Automating app releases for multiple platforms with Xcode Cloud

A peek into a real-world example of a release workflow using Xcode Cloud to build and distribute an app with an iOS and a visionOS target.

Setting up SharePlay on an iOS app

How to configure, start and manage shared experiences in your iOS app using SharePlay.

Generating beautiful open-graph images dynamically

How we built a feature using serverless functions, satori and resvg to generate beautiful open-graph images dynamically for NowPlaying

Image to image local Stable Diffusion pipelines with ControlNet in Swift

How to use Core ML and Swift to modify existing images with Stable Diffusion and ControlNet.

How I stay up to date as a software developer

Tips and tricks that I use to keep up with the ever-changing software development industry.

How to use Stable Diffusion models in a Swift app

How to load and use local Stable Diffusion models in a Swift app using CoreML and ml-stable-diffusion.

Looking back at my 2023

A look back at what I have been up to in 2023 and what I am trying to achieve in 2024.

How to get the most played Apple Music songs and albums using Swift

Learn how to get the most played Apple Music songs and albums for a given user with MusicKit and MediaPlayer.

Enable upcoming Swift features in SPM

How to effectively adopt upcoming Swift 6 features in your Swift packages today.

Distributing a Swift Macro using CocoaPods

Learn how to create and distribute a Swift macro as a CocoaPods library.

How to import Swift macros without using Swift Package Manager

How to compile a Swift macro into a binary and import it into your Xcode project without using Swift Package Manager.