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In this blog I talk about all things Apple and Swift development but my main area of focus is on tooling and automation.

How to import Swift macros without using Swift Package Manager

How to compile a Swift macro into a binary and import it into your Xcode project without using Swift Package Manager.

Using Swift SDKs to cross-compile Swift packages to Linux

Learn about Swift SDKs and how you can use them to cross-compile Swift code to other platforms such as Linux.

Migrating a Core Data store to an App Group shared container

How to make an existing Core Data store accessible to widgets without losing any existing data.

An early look at the future of testing with swift-testing

A glimpse of what the future of testing in Swift might hold with the new swift-testing library.

Building and testing Swift packages on Windows using GitHub Actions

Learn how to use the gha-setup-swift action to setup a CI/CD pipeline to build and test your Swift package on Windows using GitHub Actions.

Launching a SwiftUI view from the terminal

Learn how to launch a SwiftUI view directly from your Swift command-line tool without making a full-blown macOS application.

Adding an Info.plist file to a Swift executable

Find out how to add extra information to your Swift command-line tool through an Info.plist file while keeping it as a single-file executable.

Using Core Data and Swift Data side by side

How to set up Core Data and Swift Data to use the same data store in your app.

MusicKit and App Clips

A real-world example of the limitations of App Clips using MusicKit as an example, and how to work around them.

How to create an App Clip for your app

Learn how to create an App Clip for your app and how to generate codes you can share with your users to launch said App Clip.

Swift on Linux CI/CD using swiftly

Learn how to use a new open-source framework by the Swift Server Workgroup to install Swift on Linux and use it to set up a CI/CD pipeline for your Swift packages.

Xcode 15: Automated accessibility audits

Spot accessibility issues in your app automatically with Xcode 15 both locally and on your CI/CD pipeline.