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In this blog I talk about all things Apple and Swift development but my main area of focus is on tooling and automation.

Swift 6: Access level on import statements

How to get ready for Swift 6's new import access level feature and make sure that you are not caught by surprise by the breaking changes that come with it.

Use Swift to recursively search for content in a directory's files with Glob patterns and Regular Expressions

How to find content specified by a Regular Expression in a directory's set of files defined by a Glob pattern using Swift.

Master the reduce operator in Swift and make your code more performant

Learn all about Sequence's reduce operator in Swift through a series of real-world examples.

Multi-platform Swift Package releases with GitHub Actions

How to automatically create and release a multi-platform Swift Package library with GitHub Actions whenever you push a new tag.

Generate and read analytics reports from the App Store Connect API

Apple has recently introduced over 50 new analytics reports to help developers understand how their apps are performing. These are only available through the App Store Connect API and in this post, I'll show you how to generate and read them.

Core Data staged migrations

As announced in WWDC23, and very similarly to the way you perform migrations across Swift Data models, you can now define Core Data migrations programmatically using an NSStagedMigrationManager instance.This method works by defining a series of migration steps (called stages) that describe how to migrate across different versions of your model.

How to generate Swift interfaces from Pkl configuration files using SPM plugins

Pkl (pronounced Pickle) is a new programming language from Apple designed specifically for configuration. It allows developers to design data models richly and expressively through the use of types and then validate them to catch errors early on. A feature that sets it apart for Apple developers and, as it couldn't be any other way with Pkl being an Apple language, is that it has a suite of tools available for generating Swift interfaces from `.pkl` configuration files.

Validate your XCTest utilities and extensions with unit tests

Make sure no regressions occur in your custom XCTestCase extensions and helper methods with unit tests and XCTExpectFailure.

Custom Core Data migrations

A step-by-step guide on how to perform complex Core Data migrations using mapping models and custom migration policies.

Automating app releases for multiple platforms with Xcode Cloud

A peek into a real-world example of a release workflow using Xcode Cloud to build and distribute an app with an iOS and a visionOS target.

Setting up SharePlay on an iOS app

How to configure, start and manage shared experiences in your iOS app using SharePlay.

Generating beautiful open-graph images dynamically

How we built a feature using serverless functions, satori and resvg to generate beautiful open-graph images dynamically for NowPlaying