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In this blog I talk about all things Apple and Swift development but my main area of focus is on tooling and automation.

Version-specific Package.swift files

How, why and when to define version-specific manifests for your Swift Packages.

Xcode Cloud: Generating and translating TestFlight test notes automatically

How to leverage new Xcode Cloud features and AI-backed APIs to automatically generate test notes for multiple locales.

Automatic deployment of Swift AWS lambdas on CI/CD

How to use GitHub Actions and the AWS CLI to automatically update the code for a Swift AWS lambda on every push to main.

Private Swift packages on CI/CD

How to build an app that depends on private Swift packages on CI/CD.

How to avoid a big refactor with the @_exported attribute

A practical use case of the @_exported underscore attribute to avoid a big refactor.

How to launch a macOS SwiftUI app from a Safari extension

Learn how to launch a macOS app and perform actions directly from Safari using an extension.

Export SwiftUI views as images in macOS

How to use a combination of ImageRenderer and NSSavePanel to save SwiftUI views as images to the macOS file system.

GitHub Actions workflows side effects

How to use webhook logic in GitHub Actions to trigger workflows based on other workflows completion

Scheduling app releases with Xcode Cloud

How to use the Xcode Cloud start condition to run a weekly workflow that distributes your app to TestFlight for external testing and the App Store.

Deploying beta versions of your app to TestFlight and AppCenter using Xcode Cloud

How to create an Xcode Cloud workflow which archives an application on every push to main and distributes the artefact to TestFlight and AppCenter.

Automating Swift command line tool releases with GitHub Actions

How I use GitHub Actions to automate the release of my Swift command line tools.

Collecting Xcode Cloud metrics using webhooks

Learn how to use webhooks to collect metrics from Xcode Cloud builds