Wed Nov 30 2022

Collecting Github Action workflow metrics using Swift

4 minute read

Creating a command line tool using Swift and async/await to collect metrics on Github Action workflows.

Wed Oct 26 2022

A menu bar only macOS app using AppKit

5 minute read

How to setup a menu bar only macOS app using AppKit.

Thu Oct 06 2022

Platform specific code in Swift Packages

7 minute read

A set of examples showing how useful compiler directives can become when building cross-platform Swift programs.

Wed Aug 31 2022

Sourcery Swift Package command plugin

11 minute read

Building a command plugin to execute Sourcery from scratch and explaining the challenges faced while doing so.

Wed Aug 17 2022

My new Swift Package: ReadingTime

5 minute read

In this article I briefly introduce my new open source Swift Package called ReadingTime. It allows clients to get an estimate reading time from markdown text.