Thu Aug 11 2022

From NSRegularExpression to SwiftRegex

An example of the new SwiftRegex API by refactoring code using NSRegularExpression using the new RegexBuilder framework.

Read Time: 📖 9 minutes

Wed Aug 03 2022

Advances in Swift Package Manager's dependency access control

Taking a look at the latest Swift 5.7 development snapshot to try the new explicit-target-dependency-import-check flag, which provides improvements to the dependency system within SPM.

Read Time: 📖 5 minutes

Wed Jul 27 2022

Localising a modularised application

A few tips that work for me when I need to localise a modular application.

Read Time: 📖 7 minutes

Tue Jul 05 2022

Code generation using Swift Package Plugins

How to build a Swift Package Plugin to automatically generate unit tests from input Swift files.

Read Time: 📖 7 minutes

Sat May 14 2022

Scripting in Swift: Git Hooks

Using Swift as to write a commit-msg git hook so that adding ticket numbers to a commit message can be automated.

Read Time: 📖 8 minutes