Learn all about Swift with these posts

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Getting started with Swift Testing

All you need to know about Apple's macro-based testing library available from Xcode 16 and the Swift 6 Toolchain.

Removing components from a Date in Swift

Learn how you can use the Calendar and DateComponents APIs to remove specific information like hours or minutes from a Date in Swift.

Building a Swift package using the Swift 6 language mode

How to download and install a development version of the Swift 6 compiler and enable the Swift 6 language mode when building your Swift package.

Swift 6: Access level on import statements

How to get ready for Swift 6's new import access level feature and make sure that you are not caught by surprise by the breaking changes that come with it.

Use Swift to recursively search for content in a directory's files with Glob patterns and Regular Expressions

How to find content specified by a Regular Expression in a directory's set of files defined by a Glob pattern using Swift.

Master the reduce operator in Swift and make your code more performant

Learn all about Sequence's reduce operator in Swift through a series of real-world examples.

Multi-platform Swift Package releases with GitHub Actions

How to automatically create and release a multi-platform Swift Package library with GitHub Actions whenever you push a new tag.

Setting up SharePlay on an iOS app

How to configure, start and manage shared experiences in your iOS app using SharePlay.

How to get the most played Apple Music songs and albums using Swift

Learn how to get the most played Apple Music songs and albums for a given user with MusicKit and MediaPlayer.

Enable upcoming Swift features

How to effectively adopt upcoming Swift 6 features in your Swift Packages and Xcode targets today.

Distributing a Swift Macro using CocoaPods

Learn how to create and distribute a Swift macro as a CocoaPods library.

How to import Swift macros without using Swift Package Manager

How to compile a Swift macro into a binary and import it into your Xcode project without using Swift Package Manager.