Learn all about Fastlane with these posts

Fastlane is a tool that automates the building and releasing of iOS and Android apps.

Private Swift packages on CI/CD

How to build an app that depends on private Swift packages on CI/CD.

Fastlane and App Store Connect API keys

An up to date guide on how to use an App Store Connect API key with Fastlane and GitHub Actions.

Xcode Cloud scripts: Fastlane and Cocoapods

Learning how to install and use third-party tools in Xcode Cloud through ci scripts.

Testing your release pipeline using Fastlane

Some processes, such as a release pipeline, are very important but do not get run frequently. In this article, I go through how scheduled CI runs can help you spot failures early and gain confidence in your important and infrequent processes, such as release pipelines.

My first contribution to Fastlane

A short article on the recent contribution I made to Fastlane's open source project.