Wed Nov 30 2022

Collecting Github Action workflow metrics using Swift

4 minute read

Creating a command line tool using Swift and async/await to collect metrics on Github Action workflows.

Sat Nov 19 2022

Testing your release pipeline using Fastlane

9 minute read

Some processes, such as a release pipeline, are very important but do not get run frequently. In this article, I go through how scheduled CI runs can help you spot failures early and gain confidence in your important and infrequent processes, such as release pipelines.

Thu Jun 02 2022

My first contribution to Fastlane

5 minute read

A short article on the recent contribution I made to Fastlane's open source project.

Fri Nov 26 2021

Cancelling unnecessary Github actions automatically

4 minute read

How to make use of the github actions concurrency feature to cancel unnecessary runs automatically. Talking about a real-world example and a tale of two approaches, and why I decided to implement it the way I did.

Thu Jul 15 2021

How I use Github Actions to update my Github profile

5 minute read

In this post, I will talk through how you can add dynamic data to your profile README.md by scheduling jobs using a Github Action.