Learn all about Testing with these posts

Unit testing, UI testing, and performance testing your Swift code.

Getting started with Swift Testing

All you need to know about Apple's macro-based testing library available from Xcode 16 and the Swift 6 Toolchain.

Validate your XCTest utilities and extensions with unit tests

Make sure no regressions occur in your custom XCTestCase extensions and helper methods with unit tests and XCTExpectFailure.

Xcode 15: Automated accessibility audits

Spot accessibility issues in your app automatically with Xcode 15 both locally and on your CI/CD pipeline.

Configuring UI tests with launch arguments

Launch arguments provide a way to configure the behaviour of an app before running UI tests

Asserting errors from throwing functions

Looking at how to use expecations and XCTAssertThrowsError to assert specific errors are being thrown in Swift.

Testing dates consistently

A quick look at how very simple dependency injection 💉 can help testing date differences using cache invalidation as an example.