Learn all about Tools with these posts

Tools and utilities to help you with your development workflow built using Swift.

Use Swift to recursively search for content in a directory's files with Glob patterns and Regular Expressions

How to find content specified by a Regular Expression in a directory's set of files defined by a Glob pattern using Swift.

Generate and read analytics reports from the App Store Connect API

Apple has recently introduced over 50 new analytics reports to help developers understand how their apps are performing. These are only available through the App Store Connect API and in this post, I'll show you how to generate and read them.

How to generate Swift interfaces from Pkl configuration files using SPM plugins

Pkl (pronounced Pickle) is a new programming language from Apple designed specifically for configuration. It allows developers to design data models richly and expressively through the use of types and then validate them to catch errors early on. A feature that sets it apart for Apple developers and, as it couldn't be any other way with Pkl being an Apple language, is that it has a suite of tools available for generating Swift interfaces from `.pkl` configuration files.

Distributing a Swift Macro using CocoaPods

Learn how to create and distribute a Swift macro as a CocoaPods library.

Launching a SwiftUI view from the terminal

Learn how to launch a SwiftUI view directly from your Swift command-line tool without making a full-blown macOS application.

Adding an Info.plist file to a Swift executable

Find out how to add extra information to your Swift command-line tool through an Info.plist file while keeping it as a single-file executable.

Scheduled Swift AWS lambdas

How to use CloudWatch events to automatically run Swift AWS lambdas on a schedule.

Load custom fonts into your app using Swift Package Plugins

How to make use of Swift Packages, plugins and code generation to automate the process of loading custom fonts into your app.

Understanding mergeable libraries

An initial deep dive into what mergeable libraries are and how they can be configured in Xcode.

Automating Swift command line tool releases with GitHub Actions

How I use GitHub Actions to automate the release of my Swift command line tools.

GitHub webhooks 🤝 Xcode Cloud

How to use GitHub webhooks to trigger Xcode Cloud builds by writing a comment on a pull request.

How to make an interactive picker for a Swift command-line tool

Learn how to make use of ANSI escape sequences to make delightful interactive pickers for your Swift command-line tools.