Learn all about Server-Side Swift with these posts

Learn how to build server-side applications using Swift.

Generating beautiful open-graph images dynamically

How we built a feature using serverless functions, satori and resvg to generate beautiful open-graph images dynamically for NowPlaying

Scheduled Swift AWS lambdas

How to use CloudWatch events to automatically run Swift AWS lambdas on a schedule.

Automatic deployment of Swift AWS lambdas on CI/CD

How to use GitHub Actions and the AWS CLI to automatically update the code for a Swift AWS lambda on every push to main.

GitHub webhooks 🤝 Xcode Cloud

How to use GitHub webhooks to trigger Xcode Cloud builds by writing a comment on a pull request.

Making a serverless Swift function with Fastly and Upstash

Making a URL shortener serverless edge function using Fastly and Upstash.

Swift async/await in AWS lambdas

Exploring the new Swift AWS lambda runtime API and how it enables the use of async/await.