🗣️ Speaking

Aside from blogging and writing content online, I also enjoy speaking about mobile development at conferences and events. Here are some of the past talks I have delivered and some upcoming ones too!


Exploring the power of Swift beyond app development

📍 Arc remote engineering job fair latam

🗓️ 17th of November

Getting ahead of the game: Avoid release day drama!

📍 Mobile Devops Summit 2022

🗓️ 10th of November

Fantastic Swift tools and where to find them

📍 Do iOS Amsterdam

🗓️ 9th of November

Code generation using Swift package plugins

📍 NSManchester

🗓️ 4th of July

👋 Say hi

I am always looking for opportunities to do some public speaking or even run a workshop! If you have an opportunity you think might suit me, don't hesitate to contact me.